About The Artist


Mirka Ni-ak

Mirka Kachrimanidou, known as Mirka Ni-ak, is a Greek artist who just graduated from the Royal Academy of Art of the Hague with a specialisation in sculpture and installation (3D).
Ni-ak’s artistic practice has been deeply influenced by the themes of absence and memory as well as loss and mourning. Her works either happen to fit into these concepts or are in fact driven by them. By allowing materials to lead her, she aims to create works that are able to stand on their own and thus are independent and unconfined to predetermined ideas.
The majority of her works could be regarded as memory traces constructed of fragile, soon-to-vanish materials. They are composed in ways to showcase the passage of time and emphasise ephemerality. Her works are based on inspiring situations: visions that reflect a sensation of indisputability and serene contemplation combined with subtle details of odd or eccentric humoristic elements.
As an artist Ni-ak is interested in creating moments that will resonate with the people experiencing her work, producing sentiments that will be lingering with them as fragments of a time past and sometimes by manipulating the viewer to create confusion, she absorbs the tradition of remembrance art into daily practice.